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So who am I and what’s the story behind the CEO 000 000 website?

All of you know me as The CEO, but all my friends and family know me as Jaro (pronounced Yarrow). Born in the Kingdom of Bohemia, grew up in Burlington Vermont, lived there for about 10 years before moving down to Florida where I spent most of my life. I also spent 2 years in Austria, 3rd grade and 8th grade. That was pretty cool!
While in school I started to get into programming and started developing websites. This turned out to be one of the smartest moves & investments I made in my life. After graduating I decided to get into flying and become a commercial pilot as you already know from my videos. Why a pilot? Most likely due to the constant traveling to Europe we did growing up. I’m going to be honest with you CEO’s, flying was and is pretty epic. Nothing beats flying above the clouds, in the clouds and just cruising thru the sky. It’s awesome, no doubt!
So why did I quit flying when it was so awesome? I just felt like that still wasn’t what I was meant to be doing. Sitting in a plane for 8 hours straight and repeating this for the next 30 years sounded bad, really bad. I didn’t want to wake up one day and say, geez what did you do that entire time, babysit a yoke? I’d rather spend 30 years 24 hours a day at home or traveling doing whatever I wanted to do. That’s what I wanted, someone to fly me where ever I wanted to be. That sounded way better.
A few years went by, I hung up my wings and joined the corporate gold rush. During my pilot years I was managing so many websites that I started to slowly understand how online marketing worked, the pieces started to come together and I realized I could work from anywhere in the world and generate an income converting visitors. Knowing that info I put my theories to the test by joining several corporations over a few years. After some trial & errors, and jumping from one company to another, I finally got pick up by a cosmetic/fragrance company, one of the largest retailers in Europe called Parfums at the time, now rebranded to NOTINO. I was brought in to manage their US marketing department and 9 months later I turned $150k per month into $750k and hitting $1mil in sales during the holidays. That was definitely one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had! Euphoria as they say. After a year at the company I was promoted to head the U
S/UK divisions and loved every minute of it. I got a huge look into the inner workings of all aspects within the firm, from marketing, sales, purchasing, customer care, shipping, warehouse, etc you get the idea. This is where I gained an extreme amount of knowledge on how the corporate engine worked.
Fast forward 3 years, I departed the firm and now running the CEO 000 000 website & YouTube Channel, where I make videos of myself and post whatever I like. When I’m not focusing on the website, I do consulting, helping companies grow their business by optimizing their internal processes and online marketing channels.

Corporation CEO 000 000

Here is how you become whatever you want to be and successful in life. I learned at a young age that there is only one thing I needed to do, one key secret that I needed to follow to get what I want, to become whatever I wanted to be and to achieve any goal I set myself. And that secret is Persistence! You just keep doing 1 thing over and over and over again and you will become the best at it. That is natures law! This was the best secret I ever learned. If I want to beat you at something, be better than you, then that’s going to happen. All I have to do is repeat over and over again whatever I’m doing. This is how I programmed myself, this is how I programmed my mind and this is how you program yourself! If you’ve made it this far in reading my bio, then ill tell you a secret, I’m actually none of the above. You can be what you want, when you want.

FUTURE CEO 000 000 Legends
CEO's I worked with. They are legends in marketing. The best of the best. Shout-out to all of them!

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Thank you for visiting the CEO 000 000 website & God Bless.

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Always Do What You Want & Never Listen To Anyone

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